Learn Spanish As Quickly As Living There…Because You Will Be



Hourly Immersion Classes

These classes are set for a specific 2-4 hour time frame, based on demand, to allow those that work steady jobs to be able to attend a class during non-business hours.


Daily Immersion Classes

These classes are best suited for those that want to learn Spanish as quickly as possible and are able to attend 1-2 weekend days a month for 8 hours, in order to be fully immersed in the language for the full day.


Collaborative & Interactive Approach

Both our hourly and our daily immersion courses take a much more collaborative and interactive approach than the traditional Spanish class. After 25 years of refining the full immersion approach, we have found that continually practicing the language in the same type of environment you will be faced with when speaking the language allows for faster learning, more 'authentic' practice and introduces a level of fun yet challenge since unlike the standard Spanish class setting, you will be expected to converse in Spanish almost the entire duration of the class...why we call it immersion.

Introduce Fun & Activity

By introducing normal daily activities like cooking, role-playing real-life scenarios and adding fun through games and plays, people are able to take themselves out of the standard 'memorization' of learning a language and are able to immediately "practice like you play", by speaking the language while doing an actual activity. We find this often inspires an expedited learning process and results in the ability to more naturally converse in the language than if learning in the traditional class setting.


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