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About Us


Our Approach

Our Approach

Spanish Learning Centers focuses on a full immersion approach to expedite the learning of the Spanish language. We are passionate about our students and our approach to learning the language.

This is why we only take the full immersion approach since we know it is the most likely way to expedite the learning process while making it enjoyable for our students, both young and old.

Our Story

Our Story

Xiomara Boyce (Xiomi [see-yo-me] for short), began teaching over 25 years ago at Duke University's continuing education courses. Since then, she has written numerous curriculum, created an entire segment of courses that were never before taught, including Spanish for the medical professional, and has evolved the way Spanish teaching should be done.

Over the past 25 years, she has held a number of Spanish educational positions until formally starting her own Spanish immersion courses over 10 years ago.

The classes are now fully focused on the tested and proven immersion courses which include fully immersing the students in the language during various activities like games, cooking, acting out plays, improv, role-playing real-world scenarios, etc. By making the course more interactive and fun, the retention has improved by over 65%, helping students learn faster and be more "natural" in their Spanish speaking abilities.

Don't believe us? Try it out for yourself, even if just for one class!

Meet the Team

Just a few of the people that help make the business successful.


Xiomara Boyce

Founder & CEO

With over 25 years of creating Spanish Immersion Curriculum at schools like Duke University, Xiomara is a one of a kind leader in the Spanish Language.


Daniel Boyce

Vice President - Marketing

With 15+ years' experience in corporate and small business marketing, Daniel utilizes his talent to show his passion towards the Spanish language.


Xylina Tomlinson

Vice President - Operations

As a 10+ year veteran of operational systems and communications, Xylina helps ensure the best experience for all students, young and old.

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