Learn Spanish As Quickly As Living There…Because You Will Be

Frequently Asked Questions

People often ask what makes us different, what classes we offer and why we believe the Spanish immersion approach is the best way to teach the language. See our philosophy and answers to some common questions below.

Why the full immersion approach?

Have you ever played a sport and during practice you only put in 50% effort or played only 50% of the time? How did you perform in the game when you did so?

To us, the full immersion concept allows you to practice like you play. Instead of being in a 'formal' classroom setting, where you only get a chance to speak a few times per class (other than when mimicking what the instructor says) we believe learning the language while consistently speaking it and in the same manner you will be using it, allows you to become more conversational in a shorter period of time...period.

What makes us different?

Simply put, no one else is doing what we do the way we do it. Xiomara has created and refined the full immersion approach for over 25 years so whether you are coming for 2 hours or 8 hours, you can expect your time to be jam-packed with a high-intensity, interactive and fun learning environment.

Come prepared to feel mentally drained, especially after the first few classes, yet still feeling a significant rush due to learning in just a few short hours what many take to learn in 3-4 months...seriously.


What classes do you offer?

We offer two main classes, an hourly immersion course (the number of hours will depend on the course you take) and a full-day immersion course, typically ranging for 8 hours.

The first course is great for those with a busy schedule but still want to learn the language in a shorter period of time.

The second course is great for those who have 1-2 Saturdays or Sundays a month they can give up to become fully conversational in Spanish in a short period of time.

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